Spring high Performance Hockey Camp

"TWIST'S Spring High Performance Hockey Camp is a 12-week dryland training camp that will give athletes the on-ice edge they are looking for"

What if we told you that we have the secret guaranteed to make you a better hockey player – stronger, faster, with more stamina, shot power and reactivity?  You’d want in on that, wouldn’t you?

Well, now you can!

Our patented TWIST Hockey Training Systems have helped over a 1000 junior hockey players make the jump to college or pro hockey.  We have trained over 800 professional hockey players and had over 150 players drafted to the NHL.

That’s a track record that can’t be beat!

What you can expect to gain from the camp?

What’s included in the camp?

“My off ice training at Twist was amazing. Their assistance with my strength, agility, mobility and all around conditioning helped me prepare for the new season”. 

-Brandon Lisowsky, Saskatoon Blades, WHL


13 Weeks of Training

April 5 - June 30th

Phase 1 – Building the Foundation

April 5 – 28th

Focus is on the fundamentals of perfecting movement patterns. Athletes’ movement patterns are assessed and corrective exercises are heavily coached. Aerobic based conditioning for overall endurance.

Phase 2 – Developing the Linked System

May 3 – 26th

Building strength and muscle mass with the goal to get hockey strong.  Using the movement patterns perfected in Phase 1, athletes work on full body lifts with an intro to Olympic lifting.  Multi-directional movement patterns, acceleration, deceleration, plyometrics and anaerobic conditioning.

Phase 3 – Establishing Hockey Specific Movement Skills

May 30 – June 30th

Volume and intensity is slowly increased to prepare athletes for the demands of the summer hockey camp.  High amplitude plyometrics + bar speed emphasis, cross over & rotational power development and anaerobic conditioning.

train like the pros

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