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A Modern Evolution of Hockey Training

The best athletes look for the best. TWIST has been a household name in the world of cutting-edge hockey conditioning since 1994 for a reason; we are constantly pushing the envelope on sport specific conditioning, athlete development, coaching methods and personal performance.


There are many hockey training camps, hockey schools and hockey conditioning coaches out there, so why choose TWIST?

When Peter Twist began running off-season hockey conditioning and on-ice development camps over 20 years ago, he had a vision of helping more players achieve success and reach their true hockey potential. Formally a development camp for NHL players and prospects only, TWIST’s hockey camps now have programs from Atom to NHL.

What sets us apart is the personalization, coaching techniques and the seamless integration of on-ice (summer program only) and dryland program. Using TWIST’s Smart Muscle™ Training paradigm, our programming focuses on developing balance, movement, strength and energetics to help build BIGGER, STRONGER, FASTER, SMARTER muscles.

Using the exact same methods Peter Twist has used to get over 150 aspiring athletes drafted into the NHL, each athlete can expect to gain from our camps:


The key to success is not reaching your peak – which is a one and done approach – but rather, the highest level you can sustain 365 days a year. Top performance + consistency wins. We make your health a top priority and educate you on how to maintain your new level of athletic performance all year round.

To achieve this, our camps include these additional** services:

** some of the above are exclusive to the Summer High Performance Hockey camp

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