Lisa Gervais


Lisa grew up playing sports of all kinds: rugby, soccer, softball, but her true passion was always with hockey. She played competitively until the age of 40 when an injury sidelined her for good. Since then she has taken up Fencing, which is turning into her newly found passion. On weekends you can find her exploring the outdoors with her pup Dexy as they discover new hiking trails together.

Lisa is a certified Personal Trainer and Supervisor of Fitness Leaders through the British Columbia Parks and Recreation Association as well as through the American Council on Exercise. She has also had the opportunity to teach anatomy and physiology to students wanting to start a career as a personal trainer; an opportunity that provided her the chance to share what she has learned over the numerous years she has worked as a trainer.

Lisa believes that anyone can exercise, regardless of the challenges they face and works with clients to find a way to make a program that best suits their needs.

Lisa was nominated as one of Canada’s Top Fitness Trainers for 2021 by Impact magazine.

Michele Mauer

ACE CERTIFIED Personal Trainer
ACE CERTIFIIED Youth Fitness Specialist
ACE CERTIFIED Fitness Nutrition Specialist

Growing up, Michele was a competitive equestrian for many years. She also played softball and was an avid cross-country runner. Michele now enjoys active outdoor activities such as hiking, snowshoeing, kayaking and camping with her family and friends. She loves TWIST’s Adult Small Group training and you’ll often see her participating in classes alongside members!

Michele’s passion for fitness and nutrition comes from knowing through personal experience that it can heal not only your body but also your mind. She believes that health and wellness should have a multi-faceted, holistic approach: functional fitness, optimum nutrition and forward-thinking healthcare.

Michele has over 20 years experience in education and fitness and has a strong passion for working with youth in particular.  She believes strongly in the importance of getting young people active and encouraging them to develop a life-long love of fitness.

Sam Cornelson

Twist Performance Coach

From long time TWIST athlete to Intern to fully certified coach, Sam Cornelson is a valued member of our TWIST team!

Sam is currently completing his Sports Science program at Douglas College and then will be continuing on to complete his bachelor’s degree in Physical Education and Coaching.  He is also a certified Level 3 TWIST sport conditioning coach.

He has played Division 1 soccer and ball hockey as well as completed in long distance track events.  His fitness interests include nutrition, strength training and running.

Sam enjoys training people of all ages and has a strong passion for creating sport specific workouts to help athletes excel.

Julian Edmond

Twist Performance Coach

Julian grew up playing soccer, ball hockey and rugby. Later he developed a passion for running and has enjoyed participating in multiple Vancouver Sun Runs over the years.

Julian is passionate about educating, motivating, coaching and building the confidence of every client he works with. Having worked as a chef for many years, he also enjoys sharing the skills he has learned to help his clients make healthy and nutritional choices in the kitchen.

Julian really enjoys working with clients from all fitness backgrounds. Whether you need sport-specific training or you’re an everyday athlete, Julian is excited to help you become the best version of yourself and reach your health and fitness goals.

Melanie Deboer

Twist Performance Coach

Coach Melanie grew up playing many sports but her passion was for softball and ice hockey. Her hockey career spans 20+ years and continues to this day.

Melanie graduated from Douglas College with a degree in Sport science and received her BCRPA
Personal training certification. She has been training for over 5 years now and loves helping her diverse clientele reach their goals. Through hard work and dedication she believes anything is possible and she enjoys encouraging her clients to become the best they can be.

When Melanie isn’t on the gym floor you can find her at the Ice rink or hiking to the tops of mountains.

Kash O'Quinn

Twist Performance Coach

Throughout his early years, Coach Kash played soccer, hockey and baseball for New Westminster.  In high school, he developed an interest in the gym and began exploring weightlifting.  It was no surprise that his passion for training the human body turned into a career in Personal Training. 

As a certified PT, Kash specializes in plyometrics and functional training, as well as sport-specific movements.  His free time is spent in the gym, on a run, or training combat sports.


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