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Ever wonder how the pros like McDavid and MacKinnon skate so fast?

It’s not just natural talent - it’s training for speed.

High-end speed is trainable and possible for ALL hockey players.

A skater can become faster by:

1️⃣ Perfecting their skating technique
2️⃣ Building physical strength
3️⃣ Developing explosive power

And while many exercises are done to improve lateral push-off strength and power, “push-under” training is often over-looked.

Incorporating exercises that build push-under strength will:

✅ Generate more force & power per stride
✅ Boost acceleration and speed
✅ Maximize crossover efficiency so you can cover more ground with each stride

Ready to boost your skating speed this off-season? Our final two camps are all about perfecting the optimal skating stance and developing lightning fast speed, strength and power.

🗓️ Become a Faster Skater Part One: July 29th
🗓️ Become a Faster Skater Part Two: August 12th

This is it…4 final weeks to prepare before hitting the ice again in the fall…don’t waste the time you have left.

Drop a ⚡ in the comments if you’re ready to become the fastest skater on your team!
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Are you really Hockey Strong?

Most people think “hockey strength” is just about lifting weights to build muscle mass for delivering and absorbing checks and battling for the puck.

But there’s more to it:

✅Maximum Explosive Speed: Essential for quick sprints and rapid direction changes.

✅Elite Level Conditioning: Feel as fresh at the end of your shift as you did at the start.

✅Hockey-Specific Mobility: Become a faster, more agile skater.

✅Injury Prevention: Stay free of chronic injuries to maintain peak performance.

✅Heightened Game Sense: Master offensive and defensive tactics to be the player your team relies on.

✅Mental Toughness: Develop bullet-proof confidence, resilience, and perseverance.

TWIST’s hockey training camps, and specifically our “Building a Body That’s Hockey Strong” camp, address all these components of hockey strength.

Using the latest in hockey-specific training, our comprehensive, NHL-caliber off-season program is designed to develop players who are both physically and mentally stronger.

A single off-season can completely change your game. Use the remaining weeks of summer wisely.

When you hit the ice this fall, it will be clear who made the most gains. Let’s make sure you’re one of them!

DM the word “CAMP” for details or click the link in our bio.
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Strength is strength right?

Not if you’re a hockey player looking to dramatically improve your on-ice performance and definitely not when it comes to lower body strength.

Your off-ice training needs to incorporate a variety of movement patterns, not just the traditional squats and deadlifts.

Not that there is anything wrong with those exercises – they are extremely beneficial to hockey players – it just that they should not be the ONLY ones you are doing.

You need to be doing exercises that train other movement patterns as well.

By targeting hockey-specific movement patterns off the ice, players can develop the necessary strength, agility, balance, and power required for on-ice effectiveness. This is what we call functional hockey strength because it translates directly to on-ice performance.

1️⃣ Single-Leg Exercises
2️⃣ Lateral Movements
3️⃣ Balance and Stability Exercises
4️⃣ Plyometrics

Including hockey-specific movement patterns in your lower body training routine will ensure that your off-ice efforts translate into real-world performance on the ice.

Remember, it’s not just about getting stronger it’s about getting Hockey Strong.

Our “Building a Body That’s Hockey Strong” camp combines traditional strength and conditioning with the latest in sport-specific training to get you a body that was designed just for hockey.

DM the word “CAMP” to get your spot before it starts on July 15th!
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The entire TWIST Team would like to give a big shout out to our athletes @sydney.turner.gymnastics and @shallon_olsen for both being selected to Canada’s gymnastics team for this years Olympics in Paris.

They didn’t just have a desire to make it to the Olympic stage, they put in the work day after day. Having the resilience to endure challenges including battling back from injuries.

Thank you for being an inspiration for our young athletes - hard work and determination pays off!

Give them a 👏 in the comments below. They’d love to hear you cheer them on!!
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Happy Canada Day! 🇨🇦🍁

Where will you be celebrating? Let us know in the comments!!

Our hometown @cityofpoco has a fantastic Canada Day celebration at Castle Park. Maybe we’ll see you there!
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That’s a wrap on spring hockey training! Now onto the off-season.

OMG we love what we do!!
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Imagine the usefulness of single leg training like this for your game.

It builds unilateral strength, balance and explosive power so on the ice you get:

1️⃣ More powerful and accurate shots
2️⃣ Quicker turns and tighter maneuvers
3️⃣ Quicker more agile changes in direction
4️⃣ Improved puck handling and defensive plays

Our upcoming “Learn to Shoot Like a Pro” camp is specifically designed to improve stability, strength and explosive power to give you immediate on-ice results.

Try it for yourself. Just DM the word “CAMP” and we’ll tell you how. But don’t wait too long because it’s only a week until it starts and spots are filling up fast! .
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Every aspect of your slap shot tests your balance and stability.

As you shoot, your momentum needs to shift from your back leg towards the direction you want the puck to travel. The explosive momentum shift requires balance to keep your body from losing control (especially if there’s contact with another player).

So, to be able to maximize power and generate a shot with maximum force, speed and accuracy you need complete balance and control in that back leg.

Improving your balance and stability will:

✅ Provide a better base to get shots off in tight spaces.

✅ Allow for more efficient weight transfer from the back foot to the front.

✅ Unlock more shot power and shot velocity.

If you’re looking to take your slap shot to the next level, our upcoming “Learn to Shoot Like a Pro” hockey camp is specifically designed to improve the stability, strength, and power that translates directly to the ice.

DM the word “CAMP” to find out more!
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Muscles for miles 💪

Celebrating all of the fit dads out there…happy Father’s Day!
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Our coaches recommend these 4 things:

1️⃣ Plate Carries to enhance grip and wrist strength. Hold a weight plate in each hand and walk for a set distance or time.

2️⃣ Wrist Stretches to improve mobility. Try the prayer position stretch: sit with your palms together and gently lower your hands towards the table to feel a stretch. Hold for 5-7 seconds and repeat three times.

3️⃣ Rotational Ball Throw to improve your core strength and rotational power. Use a low-bounce weighted ball, and throw it against the wall with maximum effort, focusing on your core and upper body rotation

4️⃣ Sign Up for Our “Learn to Shoot Like a Pro” Training Camp: Get personalized coaching and advanced training techniques that will elevate your shot power dramatically in just a couple of weeks.

Don’t miss out on this chance to improve your game. Space is extremely limited so DM the word “CAMP” before it’s sold out!
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If your shot lacks the explosive force to beat seasoned goalies…

If your shot release and speed is letting goalies anticipate and block it…

If you’re struggling to maintain your balance when taking a shot…

You need to hear about Matt.

A local rep level player known for his skating speed and agility, Matt was struggling with his shot power and velocity.

When he came to us, we identified mobility issues and ineffective power transfer from the ground up.

Our program for Matt included:

• Mobility work for better flexibility and range of motion.
• Core strength and rotational power for energy transfer.
• Advanced plyometrics for explosive power.
• Specific shooting drills for quick release and power.

After just a few weeks with us, Matt’s slap shots had become rockets, and his wrist shots found their mark with greater accuracy.

The best part? His coach says he is now a much more confident, aggressive and effective player on the ice.

When you join our “Shoot Like a Pro” training camp, you’ll get the exact same training that Matt did so that you too will see dramatic improvements in your shot power.

DM the word “CAMP” and we’ll send you the info so that you can claim your spot (which are limited btw)!

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We’ve got a lot of training options for hockey players during the off-season.

Private training is the ideal option. It’s personalized focus and flexible scheduling gives you individualized attention and tailored training so that you see significant improvements in the shortest time possible. It’s definitely worth the investment.

You can even round up one or more friends and train together. You share the benefits of professional coaching and keep the focus on individual improvement, but also share the cost.

Like and share this post with some friends you`d like to train with this summer!

Even more cost-effective are the camps. You’ll see drastic improvements by the end of the off-season, benefiting from professional coaching in a high-energy, group setting that will push encourage you to push your limits just like this athlete:

“Training at twist this summer really had me pushing my limits. We had a good group of guys that all pushed each other day in day out to get better. I really enjoyed the functional side of our training and how it translated to on ice movements. I felt myself getting stronger and faster as the summer went on ready to get back on the ice.”
Jack Hamilton, SFU Men’s Hockey

No matter which option you choose, our goal is to provide you with the skills, confidence, and motivation to excel both on and off the ice. Our coaches are here to support you on your path towards becoming the best player you can be.

DM the word “CAMP” for info on our off-season hockey training.
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Proud to be a training partner of Gymnastics Canada and have the opportunity to work with such incredibly talented athletes.

We have no doubt they will be on their way to the Paris Olympics 2024! 🇫🇷

Stick that landing girls!!
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An athlete without mobility = the Tin Man without his oil can.

Mobility training is not just about stretching; it’s about creating a foundation of flexibility, strength, and balance that can significantly impact a player’s performance & longevity in the sport.

It may be boring but doing mobility work consistently will improve your range of motion, decrease your chance of injury and directly impact your on-ice performance.

All of our sports performance programs include mobility training - it’s non-negotiable - and that includes our upcoming summer training camps.

DM the word “CAMP” for info.

There are 4 camps to choose from. You can do one or all of them depending on the goals you have for yourself and your game:

Learn to Shoot Like the Pros: July 2-12

Building a Body that’s Hockey Strong: July 15-26

Become a Faster Skater: Part 1: July 29-August 9

Become a Faster Skater: Part 2: August 12-23
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How do you unlock more shot velocity?

There’s no doubt that refining technique and shot mechanics is the best way to improve your shooting but it’s not the only thing you should be doing.

Training for strength and power is key for a more explosive shot.

The goal is to not only develop the muscles involved in the shooting motion (lower body, core, upper body) but also enhance the body’s ability to seamlessly express that strength rapidly and explosively from the ground up.

In our “Learn to Shoot Like a Pro” camp (July 2-12) the focus will be on building the perfect shot from the ground up. You will learn how to link upper and lower body strength, develop a strong core and rotational power for a stronger more forceful shot.

And don’t worry, we’ll also help you refine your shot technique with stickhandling drills and a master class in Bedard’s “Toe, Drag, Release” technique so that you can keep goalies guessing when the shot is coming and where it’s going.

DM the word “CAMP” for more info!

Share this and help spread the word!
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You can’t depend on motivation .

Motivation is like the ocean…it comes in waves with high times and low times. Sometimes you feel like training and sometimes you don’t.

In our experience, you need something stronger and more resilient…you need SELF-DISCIPLINE.

With self-discipline, it doesn’t matter if you feel like doing something, you do it. It’s the practice of consistently showing up and putting in the work, regardless of how motivated you feel.

But self-discipline is a muscle that needs to be exercised regularly. As you create discipline in your life, you’ll find yourself better equipped to handle challenges and achieve your goals, regardless of how motivated you feel in any given moment.

Try these strategies:

✅Set S.M.A.R.T. goals for yourself: they need to be specific, measurable, achievable, relevant (they matter to you) and time-bound.

✅Create an environment that supports your goals: have everything you need easily accessible, create a vision board, surround yourself with others with similar goals, etc.

✅Be consistent: choose a specific time for training and make it a non-negotiable part of your routine.

✅Embrace failure: setbacks are part of the process. Learn from them and keep moving forward.

✅Work with a professional: they will create a customized training plan & schedule based on your goals AND they will hold you accountable to it.

Our expert coaches can help get you on track with your hockey goals. They’ve created an amazing off-season training program that starts July 2nd. It will give you the fast-track to being an unstoppable force on the ice. All you have to do is bring your best effort to the table.

DM the word “CAMP” for the inside scoop and make sure to share this with someone who might be struggling with finding their own motivation.
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Hockey has evolved – today’s players are bigger, faster, stronger and possess more skill than ever before.

So what does this mean for you? Well, if you aren’t already training then you need to start right NOW. One off-season can completely change your game but only if you use it wisely (and believe us, other players are).

And if you are already training, then you need to change HOW you’re training - it’s no longer enough to just hit the gym. Your workouts need to develop the exact physical attributes that translate directly to on-ice performance.

No more wasting time.

You need a PLAN - a structured, training program that was designed exactly for hockey players. One that will get you where you want to go in the shortest period of time.

Trust the experts who have helped 150+ players get drafted to the NHL.

Registration for TWIST’s summer training camps is now LIVE!

DM the word “CAMP” to get your personal invite!

Like and share this post with someone you’d like to train with or tag them in the comments below!
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Here’s what you should avoid:

‼️ Focusing only on building muscle -
Our elite athletes understand the importance of focusing on functional, sport-specific movement patterns rather than solely building muscle. This approach ensures that the exercise selection translates directly into improved game performance.

‼️Not spending enough time on mobility -
Having good range of motion means the joints move freely, muscles function optimally and performance is improved.

‼️Not spending more time on recovery-
Training stresses the body but the body only adapts favourably with adequate rest days, good nutrition and sleep.

‼️Thinking that you can do it on your own -
The best athletes have leveraged the knowledge of professional trainers from an early age because they know that’s the fastest, most efficient way to achieve the highest level of performance. Collaborating with professionals can provide you with customized strategies and insights, propelling you towards your goals quickly and more efficiently.

But thankfully, you don’t have to go it on your own!

TWIST’s Summer Training camp starts July 2nd and our expert coaches are ready to give you the assist. They have designed a next-level hockey training program that will give you the exact attributes that we develop in our professional players.

Comment/DM the words “CAMP” and we’ll send you the info!
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