We Build Smart Bodies

TWIST’s small group functional fitness classes are geared to men and women of any age or fitness level, and with a 1:8 coach to client ratio, we keep an eye on everyone in the group, ensuring each participant is challenged appropriate to their abilities and needs.⁠


  • Effectiveness of personal training but at a fraction of the cost⁠
  • 1:8 coach to client ratio providing personalized attention and maximizing results⁠
  • Progressive, periodized training model ensures you are maximizing results each week, while minimizing injury⁠
  • Using Smart Muscle™ training paradigm connecting mind and movement⁠
  • Health and Wellness Seminars⁠
  • Motivate yourself or get help from your team mates!⁠

TWIST TriCities offers a variety of classes that use a combination of strength training, cardiovascular conditioning, high intensity interval training, flexibility and mobility featuring whole body movements that mimic the day-to-day activities we need to perform best. ⁠


COMPLETE is an athletic-oriented, high energy workout that builds functional strength, movement skills, balance and coordination, leaving you feeling energized, motivated, and ready to take on life. This program is custom made for active adults of any age or fitness level, who want to be fit and lean but also mobile and injury free. It uses TWIST’s NEW “Always in Motion” training methods that will keep you moving and engaged throughout the whole class. 


Challenge your physical and mental capacity with TWIST HIIT! TWIST’s High-Intensity Interval Training program is designed for those looking for that weekly “earn-every-rep” session, where you know you’re leaving everything out on the floor. Using TWIST Smart Muscle Training methods, this program uses a blend of whole-body strength exercises, multi-directional movement drills, and dynamic balance challenges to amplify your caloric output.


This class is designed to improve your aerobic endurance, leg strength and overall fitness. Expect interval drills, hill work, and lots of sweating. Jump off the bike and finish with 30 minutes of TWIST‘s CORE training methods.

Limited space available: Please register in advance to ensure you have a bike for this class.


Designed for weekend warriors and tactical athletes alike. TWIST WARRIOR training blends strength, speed and endurance to help you complete any adventure race or fight any fire. Using unconventional strength training, carries, slams, smashes and crawl patterns we will develop your strength, speed and endurance in this fun and unique class. Unleash the warrior within!

Monthly memberships, drop-in rates & session packs available


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