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COACHES! Whether your players need to prepare during the OFF SEASON, need training to complement an IN SEASON schedule of games and practices, or you need to maximize chemistry amongst your team, TWIST TEAM Training can help.

All TWIST Coaches have post-secondary degrees, elite athletic backgrounds, and complete ongoing performance-related certifications to ensure that each player is equipped with the necessary tools to learn, grow, develop and become a better athlete. With a training philosophy built on training movement, not muscle our coaches will help your athletes improve their balance, joint stability, core control and strength while simultaneously developing their speed, strength, quickness and athleticism through continuous focus on skill execution and movement efficiency.

Our team training programs are built to help each athlete reach the next level of performance!

The TWIST Advantage:

  • 1:8 coach to athlete ratio
  • Educated, passionate elite Coaches
  • Functional assessments and periodic athletic testing to track results
  • Sport specific educational component to help athletes understand the training needs and demands of their sport
  • Customized periodized programming
  • Long Term Development Focus
  • Focus on quality of movement
  • Active coaching techniques
  • Proven results from top players


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