Build a Body That Works

TWIST training is unlike any other training you’ve experienced. Yes, it will challenge you, but it will also change you for the better.

Whether your goal is to maximize your sport performance, increase muscle mass, decrease body fat, compete in an upcoming event, join a league, or just keep up with your kids, we will help you get a body that works for the life you want to live.

Whether you train on your own, with a partner or in a small private group, your TWIST experience will include a functional assessment in which your coach will measure your current movement mechanics, posture, balance, agility, core strength, and overall conditioning. We’ll discuss your goals, challenges, injuries, nutrition, and then we’ll design a program to meet your personal and athletic fitness goals.


  • You will have your own personal sports science-educated coach to motivate you through every exercise, ensure proper technique, which ultimately leads to less injury and a more effective workout
  • You will have your own workout program that is completely customized to your needs
  • You can book a training time that is convenient to your schedule
  • You can train with a partner or a small group of family or friends to share costs, to share the experience or for extra motivation!

Take the time, invest the $, put in the effort, take advantage of expert coaching to finally get the real results you’ve been yearning for and thinking about for years. Let TWIST help you be the healthiest version of you!


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