Power Skating Program

It's Here! Your year-round solution to becoming a faster, more powerful skater!

Imagine perfecting your skating stride without even lacing up your skates!

TWIST TriCities’ Dryland Power Skating Program along with the elite PowerSkater machine will develop your stride power, stride length, speed, quickness and agility all without stepping on the ice!

The only program of its kind in all of North America!

The PowerSkater not only teaches proper skating mechanics it also builds strength by targeting the exact muscles used in hockey through added resistance.

Players get coached on perfecting hockey stride mechanics while layering on mobility, strength, power and speed to their improved technique.

The machine (which we helped to develop), forces players into the perfect skating stride and keeps them there to:

Improvement comes from doing the miles.

We give players as much high quality skate stride volume in one 60 minute session as they could get in an entire week on-ice!!

This is a game changer!!

Give yourself a huge advantage and stay one “stride” ahead of the rest!

** Private one-on-one Power Skating lessons are also available **

** The Power Skating Program is included in our High Performance Hockey Camps **

Twist Tricities Power Skating

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