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What is athletic therapy?

Athletic therapists assess and treat musculoskeletal issues, which means if you have injured a muscle, bone, or joint they can help!

Sessions include assessment, treatment, rehabilitation, and education. Treatment varies depending on the assessment outcomes, but can include a variety of manual therapy techniques, physical reconditioning, and supportive taping, all in an effort to help accelerate healing.

Regardless of whether your goals are to return to playing a sport, or walking to the mailbox without pain, athletic therapy’s main goal is to get people back to doing what they enjoy.

What is Active rehab?

If you were in a motor vehicle accident and have graduated from acute care, active rehab could be your next step!

Active rehab gives you the tools to continue your rehabilitation safely with exercise as you start transitioning to maintaining and gaining an independent plan.

After a thorough assessment, you will obtain a personalized exercise plan that will be executed here in the gym with one-on-one session until you feel comfortable and confident to continue on your own.

Every plan will be made accomplishable with whatever exercise equipment you have access to, so you can continue the journey on your own with the end goal of getting back to your life.


Initial Assessment:  $85.00   (60 mins)

Follow-up Assessment:  $75.00   (45 mins)

Supportive Taping:  $25.00   (15 mins)


Below are benefit plans which are known to cover athletic therapy:

  • All Sport
  • Great West Life
  • Greenshield
  • Empire

If you are not with one of these providers, or your plan does not cover athletic therapy, you can contact your benefits provider and request to have it added.

britnie cossette

Britnie grew up on Vancouver Island, gaining a love for the outdoors. Through secondary school she played on various sports teams, where her passion for health and fitness grew to the profession she is in today. Britnie graduated in 2018 from Camosun College with a Bachelor of Athletic and Exercise Therapy. Through post-secondary she accrued 600+ hours working with a variety of sports teams, including the Victoria Grizzlies, Rugby Canada, and the Victoria Shamrocks. Britnie also gained over 600 hours of clinical experience with Camosun College’s AET Clinic and Tall Tree Integrated Health Centre. Immediately after graduating school, she passed the national certification exam to become a certified athletic therapist.

Since certifying, Britnie has moved to the lower mainland and has been working with the Jr. B Ridge Meadows Flames hockey team through the fall/winters. She also continues to provide field care for the Victoria Sr. A Shamrocks during their lower mainland games. She has since returned to the clinic to continue educating and rehabilitating a variety of musculoskeletal issues. Britnie has a passion for getting people to take control of their injuries and accomplish the goals they have set out. She is always learning new techniques to benefit her client’s growth!

“Athletic therapy is effective in treating a range of musculoskeletal injuries through manual therapy, exercise prescription, and supportive taping. Everyone is an athlete in their own way, whether your goal is to return to competitive sports or continue chasing your grandchildren around, athletic therapy can help you!”



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